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Mohamed Mooge Liibaan
محمد الموجي لبنان
Birth name Maxamed Mooge Liibaan
Origin Somalia
Genres Somali music
Instruments oud, vocals
Years active 1970s-1980s
Associated acts Waaberi

Mohammed Mooge Liibaan (Somali: Maxamed Mooge Liibaan, Arabic: محمد الموجي لبنان‎) (died June 1984) was a prominent Somali instrumentalist and vocalist.


[hide]*1 History

[edit] HistoryEdit

Mooge was born in Somalia. A member of the Waaberi musical ensemble, he started singing at an early age with his brother, Ahmad Mooge Liibaan. Mooge was especially noted for his abilities on the oud, an instrument he would come to be associated with.

[edit] MusicEdit

Popular songs by Mooge include:

  • Aamiinta kula idhi
  • Adduunyoow
  • Adigiyo jacaylkana
  • Dadka hayska weyneyn
  • Dhayyal looma heesee
  • Dhulkii hooyo
  • Galbis
  • Habluhu kala wanaagsan
  • Jirab
  • Mudantii haweenkaa
  • Saxarla

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