Leelkase[1] or Lelkase[2] (Somali: Leelkaase, Arabic: ليلكسي‎) (Hussein bin Abdirahman bin Is'mail bin Ibrahim al Jaberti) is a subclan of the Somali Darodclan.[2]


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The term "Leelkase" is a Somali nickname, which translates as "farsighted, mindful, smart, very intelligent".[3]

Members of the Leelkase clan primarily inhabit the north-central Mudug region of Somalia.[4] Others can also be found in the Bari,[5] Nugal, Gedo, andLower Juba regions.

[edit]Clan treeEdit

In the south central part of Somalia the World Bank shows the following clan tree:[6]

  • Darod (Darood)
    • Kablalah
      • Koobe
      • Kumade
    • Isse
    • Sade
    • Ortoble
    • Leelkase (Lelkase)

In Puntland the World Bank shows the following:[7]

  • Darod
    • Marehan
    • Awrtable
    • Tanade:
  1. Lelkase (layle Kase),



[edit]Prominent figuresEdit

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