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Khadija Qalanjo
خديجة قالانجو
Background information
Born Somalia
Genres Somali music
Occupations singer, dancer
Instruments vocals
Years active 1970s-1980s

Khadija Qalanjo (Somali: Khadiija Qalanjo, Arabic: خديجة قالانجو‎) was a popular Somali singer and folklore dancer in the 1970s and 1980s.[1]


[hide]*1 Biography

[edit] BiographyEdit

Qalanjo was born in Somalia. She is of the Ciise Samaroon sub-division of the Mandaluug sub-clan of the Dir major Somali clan.

She was noted for her great beauty and was, in fact, the first Miss Somalia.

A passionate performer, Qalanjo's onstage performances often featured seductive hip-swaying and elaborate hand-gesturing. Her songs usually dealt with the pangs and joys of love unrequited, lost and regained.

[edit] MusicEdit

Popular songs by Qalanjo include: