awo Osman Tako (Somali: Xaawo Cusmaan Taako, Arabic: هاوو عثمان تاكو‎) (d.1948) was a prominent early 20th century Somali nationalist.[1]


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[edit] BiographyEdit

Tako participated in the 1948 riots in Mogadishu that followed the visit of the Four-Power Commission, where she was killed.[2]

She later became a symbol for Pan-Somalism, and her struggle was taken up by the nationalist Somali Youth League (SYL) political party. The SYL, for its part, would go on to produce numerous influential Prime Ministers and Presidents of Somalia.

In the 1970s, a monument was erected in Mogadishu in honor of Tako's sacrifice for her nation. Several schools in present-day Somalia are also named after her.

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