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Akisho (var. Akisha, Akishe; also known as Gurre) is a Somali clan, part of the larger Dir group whose members live in Ethiopia and northern Somalia. The Akisho are a sub-division of the Ali Madaxweyn Dir, and they are reputed to be descendants of the eldest sons of the Madaxweyne Dir.


The Akisho inhabit both the Somaliland region of Somalia and Ethiopia. In Somaliland, Akisho members live in the southern Woqooyi Galbeed Province, Wajaale, Ala’ibaday, and Gabiley. In Ethiopia, where the Akisho are the most widespread Somali group, Akisho members inhabit Jijiga, Baale (Nagelle), Baabule, Fayaanbiiro, Qabri-Bayah, Fiq, Hara-Maaya, Harar, Obra, and Dadar.

The Warre prefix in front of many Akisho clan names means "the clan of" or reer (WaaReer) in proper Somali. For example, the Warre Miyo are referred to Reer Miiyo in Somalia, but Warre Miyo in Ethiopian Somali and Oromo regions. Other clans related to the Aksiho are the Gariire, Warre Dayo,Gurgure, Layiile, and Aw Said's of Lower Jubba.

[edit]Major sub-clansEdit

The Akisho (Gurre) clan consists of 12 major subclans:

  1. Waro-Miyo
  2. Waro-Bito
  3. Waro-Dayo
  4. Waro-Luujo
  5. Waro-Ito
  6. Waro-Kiyo
  7. Waro-Heebaan (Curad Akisho)
  8. Waro-Kurto
  9. Obo
  10. Igo
  11. Asaabo
  12. Eejo

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