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Dr. Abdisalam Mohamed Issa-Salwe (PhD) (Somali: Cabdisalaam Maxamed Cisse-Salwe, Arabic: عبدالسلام عيسى صالوي‎) is a Somali writer and scholar.


[hide]*1 Career

[edit] CareerEdit

Issa-Salwe is currently Associate Professor in Information Systems in the Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering at Taibah University in Medina, Saudi Arabia. Previously, he was a lecturer in Information Systems at Thames Valley University in the United Kingdom, and also worked as Information Technology lecturer in the Training & Employment Section, British Refugee Council.[1]

Issa-Salwe is also a specialist in political history and matters pertaining to the Horn of Africa, and has published several works dealing with the region in general within the field of Somali Studies

[edit] Major worksEdit

[edit] BooksEdit

  • The Collapse of the Somali State: The Impact of the Colonial Legacy, Haan Associates Publishers, 1996
  • Cold War Fallout: Boundary Politics and Conflict in The Horn of Africa, Haan Associates Publishers, 2000
  • Oral Culture and Computer Mediated Communication: Social Dynamics of Mailing Lists, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrücken 2010
  • Electronic Communication and an Oral Culture: The Web Dynamics of Social Web Environment Case Study, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing, Saarbrücken 2010

[edit] ArticlesEdit

  • Abdisalam M. Issa-Salwe, The Failure of The Daraawiish State, The Clash Between Somali Clanship and State System – Paper presented at the 5th International Congress of Somali Studies, December 1993
  • Abdisalam M. Issa-Salwe et al: Strategic Information Systems Alignment: Alignment of IS/IT with Business Strategy, Journal of Information Processing Systems, Vol.6, No.1, March 2010.
  • Abdisalam M. Issa-Salwe et al, Computer-Mediated Communication Discussion Environment: Electronic Dialogue in a Conflict Situation, Trends in Information Management, 5: 2. Jan 2009
  • Abdisalam M. Issa-Salwe, The Internet Medium and Poetry Transmission: The Poetry Combat of Doodwanaag", Halabuur Centre for Culture and Communication, 2: 1, 12-19, 2009.
  • Abdisalam M. Issa-Salwe and Anthony Olden (2008): Somali Web Sites, History and Politics", Aslib Proceedings, Information Management Journal, 60: 6, 570-582.
  • Abdisalam M. Issa-Salwe, The Internet and the Somali Diaspora: The Web as a Means of Expression, Bildhaan, Journal of Somali Studies: Vol. 6, Article 8, 2006.

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