Abdi Sinimo or Abdi Sinimoo (Somali: Cabdi Siniimoo, Arabic: سنيمو‎), born Cabdi Deeqsi Warfaa, is a Somali singer and songwriter who established the balwo musical style.[1][2]


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[edit] BiographyEdit

Sinimo was born in the 1920s in Jaarahorato, an historical village situated 25 miles (40 km) north-east of Boorama, Somalia. He was the fourth son in a family of eighteen children, consisting of nine boys and nine girls.

The first band Sinimo created was in Borama during 1944 and it was called Balwo. Members of his band were:

  • Abdi Deeqsi Warfaa (Abdi Sinimoo)
  • Koobali Caashaad
  • Hussen Aare Meecaad
  • Xaashi Warsame
  • Khadiija Ciye Dharaar (Khadiija Balwo)
  • Nuuriya Catiiq

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